Computer Basics for Seniors
At your Place, at your Pace.



How We Teach Seniors Computer Skills!


  1. We Avoid Jargon

    We translate computer jargon into simple, everyday language that can be understand..


  2. We Tailor to your Interests

    We teach whatever interest you. Everything from teaching you how to write an email to using software to video chat with loved ones.


  3. Familiarize through Touch

    To overcome the psychological barriers older adults face,they should play with the devices without inhibition. In other words, you can play around on your computer, making changes etc, and we will put everything back the way it was. No fear that anything will break.


  4. Break it down

    We break down our instructions in very small step by step lessons.


  5. Exercise Patience

    How many times do we repeat the same instructions? As many times as needed and we do it with a smile.


What are some of the things that we teach?


Basic Computer Skills

  • Knowledge of computer parts, e.g. mouse, USB port, earphone jack and camera
  • Confidence in navigating around in PCs and mobile devices
  • Opening and closing files and applications
  • Basic internet browsing
  • Basic email usage i.e. sign in, receiving and replying
  • Creating, saving and printing documents and spreadsheets

Beginner Computer Skills

  • Understanding storage concepts like files, folders and compression
  • Understanding basic network concepts like connection, uploading and downloading
  • Understanding security risks like malware, file security and online security
  • Adjusting settings in PCs and mobile devices
  • Use of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram
  • Use of online collaboration tools like video calls, IM and online calendars
  • Use of cloud storage and synchronisation

$30.00 per hour. No up front cost. Pay for the hour after each lesson.




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